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Vrindavan – About Project

The name ‘Vrindavan’ evokes the playfulness and lovable characteristics of Lord Krishna.


In Hindu mythology, Vrindavan is the site of an ancient forest that is the region where, it is believed that Lord Krishna spent his childhood days.


Today, the town hosts hundreds of temples dedicated to the worship of Radha and Krishna and are considered sacred by a number of religious traditions. 


And the word ‘sacred’ may well describe this 111 acre township located near Jamtha offering amazing residential options. The entire area is planned in a way that it becomes the most ideal residential destinations near Nagpur.



With options ranging from 1 BHK - 4 BHK Apartments and 1 BHK – 2 BHK Rowhouses to 4 BHK – 6 BHK Bungalows and 3 BHK – 4 BHK Duplexes, Vrindavan comes with an equipped Clubhouse, a Radha Krishna Temple, a Hospital, a CBSE School/College, a Community Hall & Multiplex and other recreational facilities such as tennis & basketball court, a gymnasium, garden and children’s playing area.


With all these modern facilities and conveniences, Vrindavan promises unmatched residential facilities making it an address to covet.




According to Hindu mythology, Yashoda was the foster-mother of Lord Krishna, who has been immortalized as an epitome of motherly love.


Named after goddess Yashoda, this residential facility of Vrindavan is an epitome of sophistication that boasts of 2-BHK Apartments, 2-BHK Rowhouses and 6-BHK Bungalow. Complete with all the modern amenities and conveniences, Yashoda will provide its residents with a state-of-the-art living experience.



Sudama was the childhood friend and a great devotee of Lord Krishna, the story of whose visit to Dwarka to meet Krishna is mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana wherein he receives a grand palace with beautiful gardens around it as a bounty from Krishna, on coming back home from Dwarka.

Named after this great devotee, Sudama comprises of 1-BHK Rowhouses and 1-BHK Apartments. From the lavish oxygen producing greenland right outside the window to the amenities that don the homes, living in this residential facility will be nothing short of heavenly.



The foster-father of Lord Krishna, Nand was the head of Gopas - a tribe of cowherds, and was married to Yashoda. The night of Krishna’s birth, Vasudev brought Krishna to Nand for his childhood years, where he mesmerized one and all with his boyish pranks and heroism.


With a seamless blend of grandeur and magnificence, Nand boasts of 3-BHK Bungalows, 3-BHK Double Duplexes and 3-BHK Apartments that ooze class and sophistication. The serene spaces coupled with the enchanting atmosphere will leave the residents completely mesmerized.



In Hinduism, Devaki was the wife of Vasudeva and the biological mother of Lord Krishna, who on birth was handed over to Yashoda to save him from the evil Kamsa.


Named after this mother goddess, Devaki is an architectural delight that offers the opportunity to live the dream of an extraordinary lifestyle with 3-BHK Twin Bungalows, 3-BHK Double Duplexes, 4-BHK Bungalows, 3-BHK Apartments and Commercial spaces. The homes have been designed in a way that it creates the feeling of that of living in the lap of divinity.


Devaki Commercial

Vrindavan is being established as a self-sustained township with more than 10,000 residents estimated at full capacity. Apart from this there are a number of major townships coming up around the area. With Mihan being developed quite close to Vrindavan, the township brings forth lucrative business prospects. The large population in and around Vrindavan will require a well established market. Keeping this in view Devaki one of the residential facilities at Vrindavan is offering as many as 34 shops for opening different stores. The shops range from 10’10” x 9’5” to 13’5” x 18’1”, in dimension. The commercial space has separate wash rooms. These shops will be ideal for traders ranging for garment retailers to grocers. The shops are also suited for offices, etc. 



According to Hindu mythology, Vasudev was the princely father of Lord Krishna, who was known for his consistent approach to life and his virtue of being a truthful person, never uttering a lie during his lifetime.


Elegantly designed residential structures, Vasudev offers a combination of 4-BHK & 6-BHK Bungalows and 4-BHK Apartments that will be replete with all the accoutrements of a contemporary lifestyle.



In Hindu mythology, Balaram was the elder half-brother of Lord Krishna and is considered one of the 10 avatars of Vishnu. He is regarded as the God of strength, courage and ability. Balaram is revered as a god who helps people find harmony in their lives.


Named after this deity, Balaram is the first residential facility as one enters Vrindawan that comprises of 3-BHK Double Duplexes, 4-BHK Bungalows, 3-BHK Apartments assuring its residents solace in its sacred surroundings with ample well deserved amenities to make their stay peaceful and harmonious.



In Hinduism, Rukmani is the principal wife of Lord Krishna, whom she eloped with to get married. Of Krishna’s many queens, Rukmani was the first and the most prominent one. She is also considered to be an avatar of Lakshmi, goddess of fortune.


Elegant and offering panoramic views of the lush greenland around, Rukmani paves the way for an enhanced life experience with the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Rukmani boasts of 1-BHL & 2-BHK Rowhouses and 1-BHK & 2-BHK Apartments that gives a timeless feeling of bliss, delight and luxury.


Project Summary

Multistorey Apartment

Area Range: 571 - 3260 Sq-ft

Price Starting From: 13.13 Lac

Location: Jamtha,Nagpur

Bedroom(s): 1/2/3/4 & 6 BHK

Possession Status: Under Construction

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